1. aaangelicaaa may 10th . 2015
    Charlemagne Palestine / Cassandra Miller

  2. Chirality
    Eyvind Kang

  3. Ways for an Orchestra
    Phil Minton and Veryan Weston

  4. Nessuno
    Pauline Oliveros + Roscoe Mitchell + John Tilbury + Wadada Leo Smith

  5. The 3 Generations Trio
    Terry Riley

  6. Incontri & Reuniones
    Stefano Scodanibbio

  7. Organo rinascimentale non temperato
    Charlemagne Palestine

  8. Angels on the Edge of Time
    Lindsay Cooper/Fred Frith/Gianni Gebbia/Lars Hollmer

  9. Angelica Music
    Christian Wolff

  10. Soluzione Atemporale 1992-1994
    Gianni Gebbia-Tiziano Popoli-Massimo Simonini

  11. Virgin Violin
    Silvia Tarozzi

  12. Perfavore Sing
    Vincenzo Vasi/Giorgio Pacorig

  13. Humusympathetica

  14. Call Me Us
    Tristan Honsinger/Massimo Simonini

  15. The Italian Concerto
    Heiner Goebbels

  16. ll Treno di John Cage. Alla ricerca del silenzio perduto Ltd (Book, 3CDs, 1 DVD)

  17. Fades
    Antonio Della Marina

  18. Music Journey

  19. Toto Angelica - a work made from selected samples of the recorded history of Angelica 1991/2001
    Alvin Curran

  20. Wings Volume 1

  21. .....Past
    Phil Minton /Veryan Weston

  22. Porcyville
    Specchio Ensemble

  23. Requiem Cantata Delle Cinque Stanze
    Giovanna Marini

  24. Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire
    Fred Frith

  25. Angelica 1997

  26. Una Barca
    Vakki Plakkula

  27. Angelica 1996

  28. S/T
    Misha Mengelberg

  29. This That And The Other Sketches Of Probability
    Tristan Honsinger

  30. Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles
    Terry Riley/Stefano Scodanibbio

  31. Angelica 1995

  32. Angelica 1994

  33. Suite No.1 Per Quintetto Doppio
    Specchio Ensemble

  34. Angelica 93

  35. Angelica 1992

  36. S/T

  37. Angelica 91


i dischi di angelica Bologna, Italy

Executive prod. Massimo Simonini

I dischi di angelica is a non-profit music label which was founded, in 1991.Its aim is producing sonic anthologies along with each edition of the festival. Quite soon though it opened perspectives towards works which offered themself over the years ...
A small global catalogue in the ocean of international music, made of most different expressions.
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